Boondocks offers team building events for groups from 16 participants plus. These high quality experiences are led by trained facilitators and provide powerful illustrations of the benefits of working together and winning through teamwork. Call today and see how a Boondocks event specialist can custom design an energizing team building experience that will teach, entertain and motivate your group toward greater unity, productivity, and success. Below are just a few of our most popular team building activities.

$17.95 per person

Mon-Thurs before 6pm

$21.95 per person

Evenings & Weekends when Available


Team Building Activities

  • Bowling

    Each team member bowls one frame and the team with the highest combined score wins!

  • Laser Tag
    Laser Tag

    Combine black lights, fog, music and lasers in an all-out combat experience and the setting is optimized for bonding that can only happen on the battlefield.

  • Ticket Frenzy
    Ticket Frenzy

    The clock is ticking and your team has to win as many tickets as possible in the allotted time. Ready, Set, Go!

  • Super Shot
    Super Shot

    Heat up the competition with this fast paced shootout that focuses on organization and leadership. You might just find it to be the most fun you have had with basketball in years.

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